Thursday, May 17, 2012

Few Things I Miss .. ..

* The Chirping of Sparrows early in the morning.. 
With all the High Rise Buildings and Telecom Towers, We see less and less birds these days and it has been years since I Last Heard any Sparrow Chirp. 

 * Listening to Nightingale Sing..
With Lesser trees around in Office Complexes and the Closed Air-Conditioned Home, Cars and Offices I miss a singing Nightingale to which I was able to hear during my School and College Days

 * Noticing the Real Colors of trees and Flowers on the Way..
Since I Drive down to work and back home, I hardly get a chance to observe surroundings on the go. I still remember how green leaves look so different when its cloudy outside and all together different when its sunny. Each Flower will look different during each time of the day.

* Watering the plants and smelling the fragrance of wet earth..
The place I live in is a small Flat with very little space for people who live in it than anything else, we don't have a garden and I miss the time when I used to water the plants at our old house and enjoy it for hours.

* Prabhat Pheri..
At onset of winters for almost a month, its an age old way of singing Gurbani by group of devotees, walking through streets, early in the morning. Waking up to such enchantment is definitely a wonderful start for the day.

* Cycling around with my Friends..
As kids, My Friends and I with our siblings, used to go around in streets, parks, markets with our bicycle. The younger ones sitting on the carrier and the older ones riding. Not to forget the kind of stunts we used to do while riding and ringing the bell while passing through a particular colony to invite kids from that locality to join us.

* Eating Sunday Morning Breakfast with Cartoons..
I think we all remember the time when We used to eagerly wait for - one hour of Cartoon programs like Mowgli and Duck tales on Sunday Morning and enjoy our breakfast watching them. 

This is the Rainbow I don't get to see these days.. I know there are many more things I miss and so do you.. Why not tell me yours?


SJ said...

Start counting:
1. Sleeping on the roof without fear of burglary
2. Sleeping early, waking up early
3. Going to temple everyday before you even have your breakfast
4. Your friends living walkable / cyclable distance from you
5. Law-breaking being a punishable offense than a bailable event
6. Work did not mean you had to be in a different town / city
7. There were trees to climb and build tree-houses in
8. First invitations went to neighbours
9. Mixing milk with water was despicable, not expected
... Gotta work but you get the idea.

Ruchi Jain said...

it was nice to know about you..

Kunal said...

We grow. We change. We miss. What we left behind. We miss the time. We miss the moments. But, at least we know that we miss them. Isn't missing a form of remembering them? Of trying to recreate those simple pleasures which once made us smile then and which make us smile now. I still go to a few things sometimes. Makes me smile. Makes me humble.