Thursday, May 17, 2012

Few Things I Miss .. ..

* The Chirping of Sparrows early in the morning.. 
With all the High Rise Buildings and Telecom Towers, We see less and less birds these days and it has been years since I Last Heard any Sparrow Chirp. 

 * Listening to Nightingale Sing..
With Lesser trees around in Office Complexes and the Closed Air-Conditioned Home, Cars and Offices I miss a singing Nightingale to which I was able to hear during my School and College Days

 * Noticing the Real Colors of trees and Flowers on the Way..
Since I Drive down to work and back home, I hardly get a chance to observe surroundings on the go. I still remember how green leaves look so different when its cloudy outside and all together different when its sunny. Each Flower will look different during each time of the day.

* Watering the plants and smelling the fragrance of wet earth..
The place I live in is a small Flat with very little space for people who live in it than anything else, we don't have a garden and I miss the time when I used to water the plants at our old house and enjoy it for hours.

* Prabhat Pheri..
At onset of winters for almost a month, its an age old way of singing Gurbani by group of devotees, walking through streets, early in the morning. Waking up to such enchantment is definitely a wonderful start for the day.

* Cycling around with my Friends..
As kids, My Friends and I with our siblings, used to go around in streets, parks, markets with our bicycle. The younger ones sitting on the carrier and the older ones riding. Not to forget the kind of stunts we used to do while riding and ringing the bell while passing through a particular colony to invite kids from that locality to join us.

* Eating Sunday Morning Breakfast with Cartoons..
I think we all remember the time when We used to eagerly wait for - one hour of Cartoon programs like Mowgli and Duck tales on Sunday Morning and enjoy our breakfast watching them. 

This is the Rainbow I don't get to see these days.. I know there are many more things I miss and so do you.. Why not tell me yours?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Face Value

They Baffle Me
At times with Words
At times with Actions
At times with Intentions..

I wonder if choosing friends,
understanding them was any easier..
With Vices they are what they are,
but expect me to be at my best..
Sorry but that's not the deal,
I have a few vices and rest..

Accept if You may too..
I wish for your happiness but
My Life does not work
as You want it to..

Draw the Line I will,
and tell You what I Feel..
Let me also see if You can take it
and deserve to be with me..

Sail or Sink this Friendship,
Life brings us too many..
None go till the end,
its only Heart and the Memories.

Friday, August 26, 2011

She Flew before I Knew

I wish You the Ambition of Wings and the Stability of Roots but even more importantly, I Wish You the Vision of Balancing the Two !!

The Heart gets so overwhelmed that it might jump out, beating so fast, holding  This Li'l bundle of Joy.. This Precious Angel.. Tender and Warm.. And all one could think is to protect her from any harm. One wonders, is it a Dream or a Miracle and she chooses the very moment to open her eyes and look. She blinks and looks around. Her smile is so intoxicating that everything else seizes to exist and before you could realize, She becomes your world.

Time flies and one does not even realize that she has grown up so much. You would see her running around with her tiny feet and a tinkling toy truck trailing behind, a Barbie in hand, adorning a Smile of a Princess; thriving in the attention she gets from everybody.
She would look up to her mother mesmerized by her Beauty, Grace and Aplomb. She would try to dress up like her, use her Make up and admire herself in the mirror. Who would have known that her innocent imitation of worshiping in the Pooja Ghar with her Grandmother enchanting the mantras using her baby vocabulary is planting the seeds of Values of her lineage. She would dramatize going to office or attending a phone call just like her father. In her very own way she started discovering how the world around functions. She would listen with such intent, the stories her Grandfather would narrate; those would drift her into the beautiful world of Dreams comprising of Fairy tales, Angels and triumphs of Good over Evil.

Sooner than you thought, this phase of Kindergarten would be transitioned into years of Formal Learning and she gets surrounded by Teachers, Mentors, Gurus and Peers. From an aquarium she swims into a pool of people she looks up to, admire, considers her idol, make friends with. The Melody of your life now gets new songs to learn and sing. The wait in her eyes for her Best Friend before cutting her Birthday Cake or the night spent baking Cupcakes and decorating a Teacher's Day Card for her favorite Teacher becomes the Building Blocks for the relationships she would make and cherish in her life.
 Her Teen Years would bring fresh share of learning for you about the world that has changed for better or worse. You would want to embrace her and comfort her during her Heart Breaks while she would seek her friends. You would yearn for her time and attention the way she did when younger. 

She would face her growing years with the strength she always admired in you, with the courage she got from her father and the wisdom of her grandparents. She is a Pilot flying high; a Doctor comforting someone ailing, an Engineer building bridges or programming codes to make this world a better place. In this fast paced world, she loves the Rain and a cup of tea. She goes on Shopping excursions and funds for a child's education. 
She is a Charisma in her own way, Vivacious yet subtle, Voguish yet Innocent. The World wants her but she is only yours until , She finds her Prince Charming who would treasure your Lovesome. And The day would come she would fly off with Him to build her own Nest and be blessed with her own Li'l Bundle of Joy !!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dost - Kahin bhi.. Kabhi bhi

It was the Day I was going back Home leaving the city I had been living in for the past 7 months, leaving the friends I had made there. They were sad - because I was going, because they wanted to go too. For me it was a day I had waited far too long for, a day that had seem would never come.

I had packed all my stuff and as always it was way more than the allowed kilos by the airlines {actually almost double the limit.. ;)}. But I had a PLAN .. :D yessss !! After reaching the Airport I had asked the Trolley wale Bhaiya to find someone who was headed for Delhi with Less Luggage and I too was asking random people as To where they were going {Oh Come.. on I was desperate !! Now that I think what weird looks they had given me as if I was about to steal their stuff or put a gun on their heads.. :-o)} Almost 45 mins. had passed and I had not found anyone who met my criteria, so the feeling was sinking in that I would have to pay the dreaded exorbitant amount for the excess baggage {Oh Shit.. It still gives me shivers} and just then the Trolley wale Bhaiya came and told me that there is a guy in the second line and he is going to Delhi, doesn't seem to have much saamaan {Wow :D}, So with my Best Innocent Smile I went to the guy and asked -

Hi, :) aah.. Are you going to Delhi?
Yes !
Which Airlines?
**He named the same Airlines I was traveling with.. Phew **
How much Luggage do you have?
(Uncertain) Actually, I am also Traveling with the same Airlines and as You can see (gesturing towards my trolley which was overflowing.. Thank god they didn't charge extra money for that) I have excess baggage and was wondering if we can take the Boarding Pass together, they won't charge for it as it would be less than the limit for two passengers.. (Oh God please.. ye maan jae)
Isme koi Bomb to nahi hai?
Hoga bhi to, once on the plane futega hi to waise bhi to mar jaoge.. at least mere paise bach jaenge (where did that come from.. yahi time mila tha Smart Ass banne ko.. Not My fault.. the sawaal had actually thrown me off gaurd)
{And he had smiled back}Ye bhi hai.. Ok.. No problem.. (God Bless Him)

Aaannnnd we headed to the Check In counter, Once my luggage was checked-in and we had collected our respective Boarding Passes, I Thanked him profusely and we went our separate ways (I still thinking I should have Thanked him some more and relaxing a bit more now that all that excess baggage was checked-in without paying a single penny, don't know what he might have been thinking). Now there was a wait before they called for the passengers to board the flight and I was trying to occupy myself by reading, eating, watching people pass by, listening to the continuous announcements for different passengers of different flights. It didn't take long before boarding for my flight (not literally mine of course) started or probably it didn't really matter as I was too excited and restless.

Once I had boarded and settled, he came and sat next to me (We had taken the boarding pass together, so saath wali seat hi to milni thi). We exchanged the cursory Hi and smiled.

So we meet again {Idiot}
Yeah.. Where are you from?
 Delhi and You?
Sonipat {or was it Panipat.. Oooooppsss I forgot}
What Do you do?
I am doing my MBBS from {again I don't remember the name of his institute.. Sorry ho gayi} and What about You?
Wow.. A Doctor.. :D I was working here as Software Engineer got my transfer so going back home.. {Grinning}
I am going for a vacation.
How many days are you going for?
Just this weekend.
That's it? Oh that is why you had just one bag.
Just then the Air Hostess came with cotton ear plugs and I took one. Just when I was about to put it into my ears he said -
You know.. You should not use cotton plugs.. Doctors don't recommend that. It results in bacteria growth in your ears even prolonged use of headphones/earplugs is not recommended.
Tum humesha apni doctory jhaagte ho {Ooops again.. you were supposed to be nice to him.. This Guy helped you remember}

And we chatted all 2 hour 30 mins during the flight and he didn't get even an ounce of sleep all because of me {couldn't help I was so excited about my home coming}. Don't blame him for giving me a name "Blabber Head". The journey ended. It was blazing hot {what else you would expect from Delhi on 1st of June}. We collected my luggage of course {He just had a handbag}. My parents were supposed to be there to pick me up. Mom was at the exit waiting for me. Once I had hugged her, I introduced him to her and told her that he helped with managing my excess baggage. After the introduction and greetings he left and we headed for the car and my Mom asked what he does. I told her, he is doing his MBBS and she asked "Iska koi bada Bhai nahi hai" {second question in the same day that caught me off guard and he doesn't know about this :D} and I was like "Maa Puuuuhhhhllllleeeezzz !!" and she smiled and I was Home with her.

But this day I had met a new friend, we are still in touch, Thanks to all the social networking sites and messengers, may be less often than others but He still pulls my leg by saying "Maine Developers ki Life ki band baja ke rakhi hai" and I by saying "aaj tak ek bhi patient theek hua hai teri dawai se". :D

Life makes us meet so many people and we find friends where we expect the least. I hate to loose them to time, circumstances, misunderstandings or fights. They are the gifts life brings us, showers us with. So......

"आज भीग जाने दो खुद को उन बूंदों में .."

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Li'l Miss Nobody !

"Yip Yip Yippy Yippy Yip Yip...... She is writing about MeeeEEEeee.."
That's what it started dancing for, when I began writing this one..

"Hey.. (Stunned) You didn't have to write that.."

Why not..? They should know !

"You don't want them to know.. ;)"
Why do you think I am writing this then..?
"To Spice it up.."
Ya right.. you ain't that INTERESTING.. and gimme a break You Blabber head..
"Am not any different from You.. Sweetheart! (Grin)"
Oh Please.. !

This Big-Mouth-Know-It-All is never gonna stop so I shall better ignore ..
"Do you really want me not to say even a word.. "
Well that could be some relief..
"Oh Come on.. how would you be able to write any of this without me helping you through?"
I think writing in peace would be good to begin with..
"But who wants peace here.. I mean this is so... X-citing"
Hello.. .. .. I WANT some peace.. (Definitely)

Over the years, all YOU have done is confuse me.. the moment I make a choice or take a decision you poke your "Pinocchio Nose" into it..
I think hard and try to convince myself about something or make up my mind and you come up with ideas that seem so much better and do nothing but confound me..

"Go on.. I am listening..! Are you sure this is the reason you wanted to write this.. ?
Oh... I get it.. you wanted to humiliate me on such a platform.. Where else would you get such an extensive opportunity !

After all that I have done for you... this is what I get.. I might as well accept it.. (Sigh.. !!) "

Don't you dare give me a trip down the guilt lane with your dramatization.. we both are well aware, what you are and what are you doing right now..

"What did I do..?? (Feigning disgust)"
Nothing.. You have done nothing.. You never do a thing.. !
"If I am such a pain in.. you know what.. why bother listening to me.. do what you always tend to.. Ignore me."
Do I have that choice..?

And this is what always happens.. Now you know who is the Li'l Miss Nobody out of us both !!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Lost Dream !

I knew I would come here one last time, what I didn't know was that it would take me three years to have the heart to do it. It seemed so different, just like one of the three storey houses designed by Architects these days. Grey stone on the outer walls, an iron gate, huge glass windows overlooking the now beautified park of our Block and the home that my Dadaji built for us was nowhere to be seen. I sighed remembering the last time I was here with Papa.


The empty drawing room like all the other rooms was shrieking of being ripped off like our emotions. The showcase still had our collection of showpieces Papa had bought over the years, a silver peacock he gifted Mummy on her second Birthday after marriage; Photo frames having pictures of Mummy-Papa's wedding Day, Me on my third Birthday wearing a new Navy Blue frock holding a hat; the beautiful doll I always wanted to dress like on my wedding day.

All the walls and the roof seemed to close in and before I knew, the tears I had been holding on to for so long, started rolling down. Each nook and corner of this place held memoirs of our lives. My childhood with Dadaji, how he used to hide me under the bed to save me from my Dadiji, He used to carry me in his lap and take me for a walk in the park in front of our home. Walking out into the gallery I saw the place where I parked my first tricycle.

Turning around I saw the famous hideout of all my cousins while playing hide and seek just behind the staircase and between all the Iron trunks which always contained so many quilts and bedding that would suffice for a complete baraat. I used to wonder why Dadiji keeps so many of them and then they would come handy when all my cousins would come over during their summer vacations and we would move the beds out and spread them on the floor and all of us would cuddle up and chatter till the wee hours of the mornings we would spend together. Those days always brought a smile on my face, not to forget all the teachings I got from all my cousins as I was the youngest of the lot and had so much scope to learn about all the mischievous stuff from them.

The wall which was once hidden behind our study table still had its impression and I could picture all the times my brothers and I used to fight on who would get a chance on the computer. A coughing sound brought me out of my reverie and I saw Papa standing in the backyard verandah, I could see the sheen of fresh tears in his eyes. What was he wondering.. and the days when we used to bath in the Rains there, came in front of me and how my brothers would practice all the skidding stunts on the wet floor and got the scolding from Mummy.

Papa sensed me around and turned away, moments later he looked at me and said "Let's Go". I could say no more. We locked all the doors and the main gate of what was left there for one last time and got into the car. I knew then this isn't the last time. The forty five minutes of our ride to our new abode were spent in Silence.


I was estranged from the surroundings, I could walk those roads with my eyes closed but today they had led me to a place as alien as it could have been. The Gulmohar Trees, in front of our old home were cut down and a pavement with two chairs had taken their place.

A familiar face crossed by and Narula Aunty stopped to notice me standing there. I had been to her place on every navratra pooja and even after I had grown enough not to be considered a Kanjak, she had still sent my share of prasad to my Mummy. After exchanging our greetings she told me how things have changed around, she told me about few of my brother's friends who had moved to hostel for further studies and about so many other things which I could not catch as I had again drifted into another world.

After bidding adieu to her I turned around and entered the park, finding the nearest bench I sat there remembering the times when all 3 of us kids had flown Kites with Papa and our friends on Independence Day. That hullabaloo was not there anymore, it was serene and the fragrance of flowers was every where. A new generation of kids were playing at the far end and I realized the good ol' times have slipped away just like sand from the hands.

This was no longer my Dadaji's Home, this was no longer where I belonged, this was no longer where I had imagined getting married like few of my cousins, so that I could get his blessings. The dream got lost into reality and the connection snapped.. !

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

* The Blame Game *

Me: Why Me.. ??
He: It was your Choice, You knew what would happen.
Me: Yes.. but I hoped You would turn around things.. You could have made it better..
Me: What..? Say something..
Me: Yes, I knew it, but You know, I had imagined the better outcomes too.. You could have picked out of the ones I imagined..
He: You think I could have?

Me: Of course.. I mean.. Why not.. You can choose to do what ever you want !

He: I always leave it to you to make the choices, once I have showed where they lead you to !
Me: But.. You still can change the path or the destination if you want.

Can I?
Me: OB.. You Can..
YOU ARE GOD.. So why did you NOT.. for me.. ?
The Serene Smile
Me: Now what is this smile all about .. .. ?

He: You Know

Me: NO.. I don't..

He: Staring with the same Smile

We Both:
He: Come on.. What about one of your miracles.. ?
He: You know it my Child
Me: What.. ??
He: Miracles Happen only if You have Faith in them.
Me: SIGH !! आपसे बहस में कौन जीत सकता है !

I do wonder at times, If I actually have such conversations with HIM or is it I am talking to myself.. I know better.. I do connect with him ! There would be times when I would be talking to him all miffed up with something and he would calm me down with an embrace of cool, pleasant breeze or peck on my cheeks .. :) It would rain whenever I need it the most.. He would choose the perfect songs matching my mood or state of mind on the radio (You would say - Its the job of a Radio Jockey).. But there are so many such events/signals that happen every now and then..

Coming back to the conversation I had with Him... What do you think? Is it actually Us who choose or is it Him who makes the choices in our head.. Of course He is the one who has written everything beforehand for all of us and all we do is walk those paths.. "I don't think so.." What I believe is, he has written a Master Plan for us and has left to us what we do with it !
He shows us so many paths and leaves the choices to us.. He gives us a base and we with our own attitude (Positive or Negative) decide the course of our Lives..

I try not to be one of those who blame God for everything that happens in their Lives... I know if something is happening either it is because I chose it or its because of one of my own deeds in the past.. Yes, you thought it right.. Our Balance Sheets are maintained or call it our score board.. In fact I so much liked it in the movie - Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic.. the way Rishi Kapoor (playing the role of The God in the movie) fulfilled everyone's wishes.. Now what was his fault when your timings for the wishes were not perfect.. So watch out what and when you Wish for.. You never know when he grants you one..

Also, I do know that whatever be the case He is always there with me.. If I am right - He supports me, If I am wrong - He treads me towards the right path.. He wipes my tears when I cry and makes my eyes twinkle when I laugh.. I have always been and I shall always be Thankful to Him for all that he has given me in Life.. !